St. Kizito Foundation Receives Martin Luther King Jr. Award from St. Edward High School

January 26, 2017 • Foundation News

St. Kizito received St. Edward High School’s Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. Award in a January 2017 gathering. Learn more about the award in our blog.

Members of the St. Kizito Foundation gathered together on Thursday, January 19, 2017, at St. Edward High School in Lakewood, Ohio, to take part in the student assembly honoring the life and work of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.

During the assembly, the St. Kizito Foundation received the school’s Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. Award. Father Dunson accepted the award from St. Edward High School President Jim Kubacki. Following the acceptance of the award, Fr. Dunson gave a short talk to the St. Edward community. He shared that the Foundation grew out of his experiences in Africa while on a sabbatical in 2001, seeing orphaned youth who had seen both parents killed. Some youth were even captured and forced to be soldiers. He saw children raising themselves and kids who were hungry all the time.

The theme of this school year at St. Edward High School is “Together, We Are St. Ed’s,” a theme celebrating diversity and the uniqueness of each student within the community. Indeed, St. Edward students are allies of diversity, not only recognizing the importance of differences—and affirming them— in their school community but the wider world community as well.

The St. Edward High School community became interested in the work of the St. Kizito foundation when some students and faculty attended a First Friday Club speaker luncheon last year. There Fr. Dunson, founder of the St. Kizito Foundation, was a guest speaker. One of the students took up an impromptu collection for the Foundation after being moved by Fr. Dunson’s presentation.

St. Edward High School announced that a group of its film students would be traveling to Uganda this upcoming summer. The students are planning to film a documentary about the work of the St. Kizito Foundation in Uganda.

Currently, the St. Kizito Foundation assists over 300 children. The Foundation provides scholarships for their education as well as helps with their daily needs. The St. Kizito Foundation offers dignity, hope, and a way forward for its’ students.


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