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The St. Kizito Foundation offers Ugandan youth hope and a way forward toward life stability through primary, secondary, and vocational education.

Providing a Brighter Future

The St. Kizito Foundation serves over 300 students in grade school and high school who have experienced unspeakable poverty, turmoil, and violence in their lives. Our scholarships, which cover tuition, room & board, and other support, change the trajectory of our scholars' lives for the better, offering them hope and a way forward through education. We believe that by providing these students with education and support, we can change their lives for the better and give them a chance to reach their potential.

At the St. Kizito Foundation, we believe that education is the key to success. We work hard to provide financial assistance to students who would otherwise be unable to afford an education. However, our scholarships must have a meaningful impact on our students' lives. That's why we provide more than just financial support — we offer emotional and social support as well. Our scholars build lasting relationships with peers and mentors from similar backgrounds who serve as positive role models for them. Our funding also provides tutoring, counseling, and other resources designed to help our scholars succeed in school.

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A Snapshot of Uganda

The St. Kizito Foundation's efforts primarily center in Gulu and Kampala, two major cities in Uganda. Society and culture in Uganda, with its nearly 45 million citizens, are dramatically different than in the developed world. The snapshot below, with information from the CIA's World Factbook, underscores our work's importance in providing students with primary, secondary, and vocational education scholarships.

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Just over 75% of Uganda's population is literate, defined as anyone 15 years or older able to read and write.

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On average, women in Uganda have their first child at 19 years old and have upwards of 5-6 children total.

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On average, children in Uganda only attend school—primary to tertiary—for ten years. Our work helps to increase this timespan for scholars.

Structure and Stability

The importance of school, and the stability it provides, cannot be understated. School means everything to children in Uganda. It is their safe space and a place of respite from abject poverty and violence at home or on the streets. It is their place where they have access to clean water, nutritious food, and a real bed at night. School means health services, education programs, sanitation facilities, mentorship programs, and so much more for our scholars. School also means hope for many of these children.

By going to school, children earn an education and can obtain employment after graduation. It is important to realize that the generosity St. Kizito's donors provide is a brighter future and a secure & comfortable present for students.


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