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St. Kizito Foundation Offers a Future of Hope and Promise
St. Kizito Foundation Offers a Future of Hope and Promise

St. Kizito Foundation Offers a Future of Hope and Promise Part 4 of 4

March 15, 2019 02:10pm

e joined the rest of the St. Kizito staff in Gulu located in the north of Uganda to visit with the scholars at Pope Paul School in Nwoya. The picture attached to this post is of some of our scholars who are in Pope Paul VI school. Nwoya is one of the is one of the districts that make up the Acholi sub region where the LRA insurgency displaced hundreds of thousands of women, children, and people with special needs. The insurgency also led by Joseph Koney resulted in brutal killings of innocent women and children as well as forced some children to become child soldiers.

You are invited to learn more about the child victims by reading the Wall Street Journal, entitled “U.S. Rebels: Listen to Mom” written by Michael M. Phillips in the Wall Street Journal (Saturday/Sunday, March 11-12, 2017).  A blog post was written by the St. Kizito Foundation on this article and was published on April 10, 2017 on this website.  You can also learn more by reading Fr. Donald Dunson’s book Child, Victim, Soldier: The Loss of Innocence in Uganda, available from

We are grateful that St. Kizito Foundation’s intervention has rescued and helped reunite families and offer them a way forward with good opportunities at better life.  We see this especially when children go back to school and secure their future through education.  I feel humbled to be part of the team that sees this happening to the displaced returnees across the region.  We will continually pray for nonviolence and work hard to offer these victims hope and a fulfilling future.

This post was written by Sempa Don who serves the St. Kizito Foundation “on the ground” in Uganda. 

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Together We Can Make It!

St. Kizito Foundation supports approximately 300 students in their education and life.  We have students at all levels of study, although our primary focus is to provide our participants with sufficient and appropriate education so that they may earn a living and have a successful life. 

Our students are in schools of their choice, based on school and government standards of acceptance.  Students are assisted by St. Kizito counselors and staff in determining the best placement.   

On these pages, we hope to give you a glimpse of the treasure we believe our participants to be.  Enjoy, and feel free to offer communication or words of wisdom that we can forward to Uganda!