St. Kizito Student’s Christmas Reflection

January 13, 2017 • Stories from Uganda

One of St. Kizito’s students reflects on the special meaning of Christmas Day and how schools celebrate in this blog post to mark the end of the season.

As the Christmas season officially comes to a close this weekend with the baptism of Jesus, we offer a description of Christmas in Uganda from one of our students:

What a wonderful day Christmas is! Christmas is the day our Jesus Christ was born. We celebrate it in the whole world. On Christmas, we enjoy and celebrate because our Father sends his son on that day. So let us rejoice with Emmanuel. Emmanuel means that God is with us. In our school, we celebrate it before we go back to our homes. It is an enjoyable day because we eat, dance, and drink with our friends, teachers, and many other friends. We thank our good school and all the people who make sure that we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Let the birth of Jesus renew your souls!


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