May 02, 2020
Together We Can Make It!

e just heard from Sempa Don in Kampala, Uganda. He is director of the St. Kizito Foundation in Kampala overseeing students ranging from grade school age through high school. He writes the following:

May 11, 2018
Together We Can Make It!

llow me to introduce you to Claudine, a wonderful young lady, who is currently pursuing a Diploma in Social Work and Social Administration at Bugema University.

Claudine was able to complete her four previous years of education – years we think of here in the United States as high school years – due to the support she received from the St. Kizito Foundation.

June 14, 2017
Together We Can Make It!

he following post was written by Sempa Don who serves the St. Kizito Foundation “on the ground” in Uganda

The St. Kizito Foundation reaches out to every person regardless of their situation. We believe in the oneness of the human family and we uphold those values that promote human dignity.

October 10, 2016
Together We Can Make It!

aula always felt that God had blessed her with the knowledge, passion, and desire to help the less fortunate as her life’s purpose. Her pathway to fulfilling her purpose was right on schedule. She married, raised a family of four and taught in the urban city of Cleveland. After retiring, Paula continued to bear witness to the movement of the Spirit reminding her of her purpose.

She got involved in volunteer work which led her to meet Sr. Mary Francis Harrington who was engaged with the Lost Boys of Sudan project. It was through Sister Mary Francis’ involvement with the Sudan’s Isaac Water Well project that Paula first met Father Donald Dunson, the founder of the Saint Kizito Foundation.