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Please Allow Us to Introduce Ojok Ayella Joel
Please Allow Us to Introduce Ojok Ayella Joel

Please Allow Us to Introduce Ojok Ayella Joel

July 05, 2018 11:21am

jok Ayella Joel is a grateful recipient of the St. Kizito Foundation and one of the Foundation’s promising graduates.

Joel was the first born in a family of five children. His father was a soldier who worked in the Kireka Army Barracks in the Kampala district. The rest of the family resided in the district of Gulu. In the mid-nineties, Joel’s mother and siblings joined his dad in Kireka. It was here Joel started school. Tragedy struck in 1998 when Joel’s father dies changing the family’s circumstances.

Joel’s mother and the family relocated to an area called “Acholi Quarters” where most of the population was from northern Uganda due to war in the north part of the country. Joel’s mother took a job in a stone quarry with Joel joining her whenever he was not in school. Joel was sent to St. Paul Primary school - his mother had talked to the school administration at St. Paul and was able to arrange for the school fees to be paid in installments. Eventually, Joel was able to finish Primary School.

Joel was able to continue with his secondary education due to his mother’s hard work and persistent determination.  Together with his mother and his hard work they were able to scrap enough money together to keep the family afloat and Joel going to school most of the time. 

Eventually, Joel became interested in learning construction skills.  Construction did not pay well – so Joel earned much-needed money from baking break and working as a “Boda Boda”.  A Boda Boda is a motorcycle or bike taxi driver.  Joel began Boda Boda riding in 2012.  By God’s good design he met Fr. Don Dunson who was a passenger.  Over time Joel and Fr. Don got to know each other resulting in Fr. Don inviting Joel to apply to the St. Kizito Foundation for scholarship assistance.  Joel applied in 2013.

Things began to look up for Joel.  He was able to obtain the necessary education and certificates he needed in the area of building and concrete practices.  Joel ended up achieving a National Diploma in Building and Civil Engineering in August 2017.  His education accomplishments and the work that resulted from them benefits not only Joel – but his family as well.

Today the future looks brighter for Joel and his family.  Joel is deeply grateful to the St. Kizito Foundation and all he has been able to accomplish with their help and support.  We at the St. Kizito Foundation are deeply grateful also to have been God’s instrument in helping Joel achieve his dreams!

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