June 25, 2019
Together We Can Make It!

eet Jacob Gum Dek. In 2006, Gabriel and Monica along with their six children sought refuge in Uganda. They had come from the South Sudan which was engaged in an ongoing civil war. Gabriel met Fr. Dunson – and out of this meeting a wonderful opportunity for Gabriel and his family came about. All six children were provided with an education from the St. Kizito Foundation.

Today we are going to focus on one – Jacob – who recently graduated from college with a degree in Information Technology. Jacob joined the St. Kizito Foundation family as a student in primary school. He started going to a nearby day school with his tuition being paid for by the Foundation.

August 18, 2017
Together We Can Make It!

ne important objective of the St. Kizito Foundation is to support the female child by giving her access to a good education to help empower her and make sure she has a secure future. A nation with educated women is a nation that will thrive!

Uganda, being a developing nation, particularly needs to ensure that the female child is not left behind. At the beginning of each term I make visits to the schools where St. Kizito students are being educated. I make sure that all students, and especially female students, are safe and have everything needed to focus on their studies. As I visit each school I check on our students to learn how they are doing in their studies and health wise as well as encourage them to work hard to achieve the best grades.